Thursday, May 25, 2006


"I've always regarded Albrecht as a despicable cad but yesterday Edward Watson brought us a far more human depiction of a man hopelessly in love with Giselle but locked into an arranged engagement." [Mandy, 16th April 2006,, review of his debut Albrecht in Giselle]

"Each time he touched Giselle, or even looked at her, it was like he was falling in love with her all over again. Sigh. The dramatic flair, together with accomplished dancing and attentive partnering, made for, as Mandy said, a very special debut..." [Sim, 16th April 2006,, review of his debut Albrecht in Giselle]

"Ed's utter distress and dejection as he danced with Lauren's 'dead' body was almost chilling, and Lauren's devastation upon discovering Ed lying dead, his lips as cold as the floor on which he lay, sent shivers down my spine and a lump up into my throat." "no-one in the company, either male or female, has legs like his! Those never-ending natural extensions are a wonder to behold!" [Sim, March 2006,, review of Romeo and Juliet]

"Edward’s 180 degree arabesque leaves you gaping in admiration. It may seem like a bizarre alien mating ritual but whatever your interpretation it is a stunning work and almost as exhausting to watch as it must be to dance. " [Mandy, Feb 2005,, review of Mara in Motion]

"Watson’s collection of psychopaths etc. at the end of last year – somewhat unexpected, and quite a shock to the system!" [Alison, 14th Jan 2006, poll 2005]

"A psyche, wicked, pitiable, horrifying, is laid bare. We are frozen with horror. Edward Watson is a dance-actor of greatness." [Clement Crisp, 31st Oct 2005, Financial Times Review]

"I was most impressed with the way he went from twitchy eccentric to angry psycho. The chairs took a real pounding; one indeed had its leg snapped, so you had to fear for the pupil " [DaveM, 26th Oct 2005,, review of The Lesson]

"Ed's transformation from almost nerdy, comic teacher to psychopath was so convincing because it was a subtle descent into madness...eyes looking around wildly, mouth trembling, hands twitching to be around Alina's neck, all without exaggeration. As I was watching him, I was wondering whether we had a future Crown Prince Rudolf in front of us...." [Sim, 8th Nov 2005,, review of The Lesson]


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